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Hanwoo (also 한우 or Hanu)

Among the rarest most interesting domesticated animal products in the world is the Hanwoo Beef. The global surge in demand for premium quality meats, with dense marbling and special flavor has made the Tokyo counterpart extremely popular. This is known as Wagyu. But until recently, Hanwoo has gone relatively unknown as a well kept of the Korean South Penninsula. The beautiful light brown animals are raised on rice straw and have a unique fat content that lies between Wagyu and USDA prime. Combining a balanced flavor both full of the perfect oils and fats but with the substance and flavor of wonderful protein. At KLH Beef, we are bringing this incredible product to the rest of the world. 

IMG_4655 (1).JPG

Bringing Hanwoo to the world is no small task.


That is why we are looking for true seekers of Hanwoo to help us find the best avenues for distribution, preparation, and ultimately the growth of Hanwoo as a major beef export for Korea. 

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